New from Biostrip – Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Stripper

Fuze Launches New Product – Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Stripper

Leader of water-based cleaning products – Fuze has announced they are launching a brand new product to their catalogue. Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint stripper is the latest in an impressive collection of environmentally friendly products. Fuze Products help make everyday jobs easy.

Building upon the success of our Biostrip 20 – Biostrip Plus has been developed for use on masonry and brickwork. It is easy to rinse off after use and therefore does not require the use of abrasives which can be damaging to delicate substrates.

Designed for use on tough masonry paint, whether it is a task indoors or out, the formulation efficiently removes the toughest layers of paint on any surface.

Biostrip Plus Masonry Paint Stripper is a high quality, heavy-duty. water-based paint and varnish remover that delivers professional results quickly and easily.

Full usage information can be found on our handy ‘how to’ guide here.

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