Bike Degreaser - Chain Cleaner

  • Drivetrain/ chain degreaser that rapidly cuts through dirt and grime
  • Spray on, agitate then rinse off
  • Safe on paintwork, rubber, seals, brake pads etc
  • Non flammable - can be ued in confined areas such as workshops and garages
  • Fully biodegradable - water based
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The ultimate drivetrain cleaning solution. Can be used in a chain cleaning device or applied directly to the chain, rear cassettes and deraillieurs to effectively clean the entire drivetrain

Fully biodegradable and safe on metal, plastic, rubber and seals.

Suitable for use on push bikes and motorcycles, Bike Degreaser is a highly versatile degreasing and cleaning product which can be used to clean engines, chains and sprockets. It is kerosene free and non-flammable so suitable for use in confined areas such as workshops, sheds  and garages.

Safe for use on metals, plastics and paintwork

How to use Bike Degreaser:

  • Brush or spray the product on the parts to be degreased
  • Allow to soak in for 10 to 20 minutes
  • Rinse off with fresh water

This product can also be used in a parts washer or a dip tank - agitation may be required. It can also be applied by rag.

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