How to safely remove ash & soot News

How to safely remove ash & soot

You’ve finished cleaning your fireplace from top to bottom and it  looks as good as new. So the time arrives to clear up the mess...Read more

How to use mould resistant paint

Instead of painting over mould, remove as much as possible from the surface before painting it. Use a mould remover such as MoGo. If the...Read more

How to remove moss from driveways

Removing moss from driveways is simple and easy to do. The solution is not expensive and does not cause damage to the substrate . Tarmac...Read more

How to use FUZE multi purpose floor cleaner

Avoid polluting your home with harsh chemicals with the latest of our environmentally conscious products. FUZE Multi Purpose Floor Cleaner has been designed specifically for...Read more

How to use alloy wheel cleaner

Cleaning alloy wheels Keeping your alloy wheels in tip-top condition will help to prevent corrosion and ensure they continue to look good. This is important...Read more

How to use a rust converter

Converting rust is an easy and safe alternative to removing rust from an infected surface. Created with the combination of a metal surface and oxygen...Read more

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