How to use alloy wheel cleaner

How to use alloy wheel cleaner

Cleaning alloy wheels

Keeping your alloy wheels in tip-top condition will help to prevent corrosion and ensure they continue to look good. This is important because your alloy wheels are continually subjected to contamination by brake dust and grit and grime from our roads.

Whilst using regular cleaning products is sufficient, for a real showroom shine you need to use a product designed specifically for alloy wheels such asĀ our Bleeding Alloy Wheel Cleaner or our standard alloy wheel cleaner

Following is a simple guide that will keep your alloy wheels looking good

Step 1

Rinse the wheels with fresh water to remove dirt and brake dust, this is best done with a hose pipe, or bucket and brush

Step 2

Spray the FUZE Alloy Wheel Cleaner of choice liberally over the alloy surface. Leave for several minutes. (If using the Bleeding Cleaner, wait until the red colouration is seen)

Step 3

Use a specialist wheel brush, or a dedicated sponge to clean in the crevices, or to remove stubborn marks.

Step 4

Rinse the wheel thoroughly with fresh water.

Step 5

Dry the wheels with a microfibre cloth or chamois.

How to use alloy wheel cleaner

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