FerPrime Red Oxide Primer

FerPrime Red Oxide Primer

  • Brand new SMART technology
  • Protects underlying metal if coating is scratched
  • Excellent corrosion resistance
  • Easy to apply
  • Safe to use - completely hazard free
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FerPrime Red Oxide Primer

Direct to rust metal primer, Red Matt finish

Durable, corrosion resistant decorative coating for ferrous and non-ferrous metals. Ferprime Oxide Primer is a new generation SMART primer technology, which gives unparalleled corrosion resistance to all metal surfaces. When applied to rust, it prevents further rusting.

Red Oxide Primer is a new generation of high performance, water based coating technology that is:

  • VOC free

  • Safe to use even in confined spaces

  • Very low odour levels

  • Environmentally friendly, made from sustainable sources

Product Description

Primer is essential when painting outdoor metallic items that are likely to corrode. For example outdoor furniture, wrought iron gates and fencing.  If it isn't used the topcoat may fail within a short space of time and start to bubble or peel.

FUZE Products  Red Oxide Primer has been  developed for use on all metal substrates.  Its cutting edge, anti-corrosive formulation is quick drying and can be used inside and out.

Unlike other products, our primer carries no hazards, it is not flammable and safe for use even in confined spaces. It offers excellent corrosion resistance and has been extensively tested in a salt spray chamber.

Instructions for Use
Remove loose rust  with a wire brush or light sanding
Ensure the surface is clean and dry
Stir Primer before use
Apply Red Oxide Primer with a clean paint brush - 1 litre should cover approx 10 square metres (depending upon surface)
Allow to air dry. Product will change from pink to red upon drying. It should be touch dry within an hour and fully cured after 4 hours depending upon ambient conditions
Overcoat with desired top coat

NOTE - this product is a primer, it it is being used as the final coating a second coat will be required
Replace the lid after use

Suggested Applications

Fire surrounds
Metal garden furniture
metal railings
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