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Biostrip Concrete Remover, Cement Remover

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Biostrip Concrete Remover, Cement Remover

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Regular Price: £7.95

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Quick Overview

  • Concrete, Mortar and Efflorescence remover

  • Fast Acting

  • Non-corrosive and safe to use

  • Quickly removes concrete and cement stains

  • Removes stubborn cement and mortar residues from all types of porous and non-porous tiles

  • Fully biodegradable, safe to use around plants

  • Safe on all surfaces including metals

  • Does not contain hydrochloric or phosphoric acid



Biostrip Concrete Remover is a high quality concrete removal product

Biostrip Concrete Remover rapidly removes concrete splashes and stains. Easily removing unwanted spills by transforming them into an easy to remove putty like residue. Effective on most surfaces.

Specially designed to safely clean up  unwanted cement, concrete and mortar splashes and stains from a large number of surfaces including brick, concrete, granite and ceramic tiles.

Safe to use around plants and metals. Biostrip Concrete Remover is fully biodegradable and is one of the safest acid based cleaners on the market. With a powerful but fume free formula this product is safe to use indoors as well as outdoors.

Biostrip Concrete Remover works by safely dissolving the bonds holding the cement/mortar together. Enabling you to easily remove concrete and mortar from bricks, tile and other hard surfaces.

Removes stubborn cement and mortar residues from all types of porous and non-porous tiles

How to remove concrete using Biostrip Concrete Remover

1. Apply the solution directly to the concrete spill or stain. Leave in place until the stain has been converted to a putty

2. Remove the residue by scraping or brushing. The residue can be disposed of as household waste

How to clean a Cement mixer/tools using Biostrip Concrete Remover

1. Apply an even coating across the entire surface being cleaned.

2. Allow all dirt and residue to soften before washing away with clean water/pressure washer.  The residue can be disposed of as household waste.

Product Review

Customer Reviews 4 item(s)

4 Item(s)

Excellent product
May I say what an excellent product this is. It does exactly what it says it will on the label.
I recently repointed the front of my house. Having rinsed the bricks off after completing the task I was disappointed to find upon drying there were traces of mortar still on the bricks. a friend of mine recommended your product and I am happy to say your product not only did the job but it was so easy too. Will use your products again. Review by Anne Leech / (Posted on 06/09/2016)
Not the hard work I thought it would be
I used this on my patio after having some work done which left me with a few stray patches of concrete at various thicknesses. It was a lot easier to use than I thought it would be. I just put it on and left it a couple of hours and then just wiped it away. A couple of patches needed a second dose. What I liked most was that I could just take the hose to it when I had finished just to give it a final clean. Review by James / (Posted on 26/01/2016)
Does what it says on the container!
Used this on a quarry tiled kitchen floor that had had ceramic tiles cemented on top. I used a scrubbing brush to apply the remover and it worked almost instantly and was really safe to use - I didn't wear any gloves and no adverse side effects. It doesn't remove all the stains as it isn't supposed to, but it has really cut down the amount of work needed to restore the floor back to it's former glory.

Ian was really helpful too as the instructions aren't that great.

Would highly recommend Review by Ghost / (Posted on 18/01/2016)
Happy with service
Good service and fast delivery. Review by Mr Wells / (Posted on 16/10/2015)

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