WS3 Fast Acting Alloy Wheel Stripper

Confidently offer same day wheel refurbishments with WS3 Wheel Stripper. A next-generation, non-flammable wheel stripping product capable of stripping many OEM brands in as little as 45 minutes.

Buy WS3 Wheel Stripper directly from the manufacturer in Staffordshire. Contact us for the BEST prices available

More information is available in the WS3 Presentation

Following on from the success of Biostrip Wheel Stripper (WS2) WS3 has been developed. 

  • Fast strip times
  • Consistent performance
  • Can be used to offer same day refurbishments
  • Ready to use paint stripper
  • Easily Controlled
  • Suitable for use in mild steel tanks
  • Free monitoring service available.

Safer alternative to toxic chlorinated and solvent based systems. Natech WS3 does not contain methylene chloride. In a maintained system (dependant on temperature, paint type, and coating thickness) it will consistently strip top coat paint and primer from alloy wheels in under 2 hours.

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More Information

WS3 – Alloy Wheel Paint Remover

Fed up with slow or inconsistent strip times? Contact us NOW for advice.

Confidently offer same day alloy wheel refurbishments with WS3. Consistent strip times of less than two hours.

Now available to purchase directly from the manufacturer.

Our unique Wheel Stripping formulation is alkaline and safer to use than traditional cold strippers.

Ideal for stripping paint from alloy wheels. WS3 can also be used for the immersion stripping of other powder coated items such as bicycles, gates and railings.

Key Benefits of WS3 Include:

  • Strip times as low as 45 minutes on OEM primers
  • Consistent sub 2 hour strip times allowing businesses the ability to offer a same day service
  • Long lifespan with no drop in performance 
  • Safer to use than traditional cold acid wheel strippers
  • Outstanding, proven performance in bench tests against competitor’s products
  • Strips paint from alloy wheels at temperatures from  70°c to 85°c
  • Maintain with product and booster additions
  • Safer and easier to clean than traditional acid-based strippers

WS3 is available in a range of quantities from 25 Litre up to 1,000 Litre IBC.

If correctly maintained, the lifespan of WS3 is unlimited. The tank will remain balanced as long as paint sludge is removed and a chemical booster is added daily. Strip times are consistent so same day service can be confidently offered.

NOTE: WS3 is not suitable for Magnesium alloy wheels. Water must not be introduced to the tank.

Brass fittings are not recommended when stripping aluminium. Mixed metals should never be stripped in the same tank.

See the WS3 Wheel Stripper presentation

NOTE:  Our Wheel Strippers should NOT be blended with other products. Our formulations are unique to Natech Ltd and are not warranted as compatible with materials from other suppliers

We have an on site pilot scale strip tank if you wish to test the product before you commit. Contact us to arrange


  • Read more about Wheel Stripping  HERE


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