Ebony-Black Decking Paint

Water based, black decking paint for restoration and protection of ageing decking. Ebony-black contemporary look with a modern, opaque finish. Formulated for longer lasting protection of all types of wooden decking.

  • Minimal VOC
  • Highly durable, weather-proof & scratch resistant 
  • Suitable for sheds and wooden furniture
  • Easy to use, paint brushes can be rinsed in water
  • Water based, kinder to the environment and safer to use
  • Low odour, suitable for use in confined spaces
  • Ideal for use on all types of hard and soft wood decking
  • Easy to apply – ideal for professional or DIY use
  • Quick drying – touch dry in 1-2 hours can be recoated after 4 hours from application
  • Exceptional stain barrier 
  • Superior adhesion – prevents flaking or pealing
  • Also available in dark brown

Available direct from UK manufacturer, Fuze products, guaranteed excellent value & exceptional performance.

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Ebony (Black) Decking Paint

Don’t scrape your decking if it is looking scruffy – revive it with our decking paint. This minimal VOC product has a low odour so can even be used in confined areas.

Suitable for use on all wooden items, so as well as decking it can be used on sheds, furniture and fences.

It has the added benefit that dirty paintbrushes can be washed in soapy water. No harmful solvents are needed.

Directions for use

Choose a dry day so the coating can air dry

  1. Clean the decking thoroughly with a deck brush to remove any loose debris. Specialist cleaners such as Fuze Decking Cleaner can be used to ensure the surface is clean prior to painting.
  2. Hose down thoroughly and allow to dry
  3. Stir the Decking Paint thoroughly.
  4. Test on a small part of the decking to ensure suitability.
  5. Apply decking paint with a paintbrush.
  6. Allow decking to dry
  7. Wash the paintbrush in warm water and allow it to dry

Coverage is dependent on the style of decking or surface. However, on average you can expect to coat around 10 sq metres/litre.

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