How to Clean a Dog Kennel

How to Clean a Dog Kennel

Move the dog into a clean, empty run or in a separate holding area before cleaning the kennel (The dog should never be left inside while you hose it down) Remove all food and water bowls, bedding, toys etc. Soak bowls in disinfectant according to the manufacturers instructions, rinse and air-dry each item prior to reusing (or use a dishwasher). Launder blankets in a washing machine and keep toys with the same dog throughout its stay, then disinfect or dispose of the toys afterwards. Remove all solid waste such as faeces and dog hair. Rinse the kennel thoroughly with hot water

Apply the cleaning product/ disinfectant as per the manufacturers instructions, so read the label carefully. Then thoroughly apply the solution to all surfaces of the kennel.

Use a stiff-bristled brush to scrub the run from ceiling to floor, ensuring that you scrub all surfaces, even areas above the height of the dog. Don’t forget the fronts and backs of doors, hinges, latches, and any surfaces between runs.

Leave cleaning solution to soak in for 5 to 10 minutes (or as per manufacturers instructions) before rinsing down.

Then, thoroughly rinse all surfaces with a steady stream of water, hot if at all possible. Dry the kennel down with a squeegee and allow to ventilate.

Once the area is completely dry, the food bowls, toys and dog can be returned safely

How to Clean a Dog Kennel

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